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An assistance always present for each type of packaging machine

Choose our company means that you can always count on robust, durable and high quality products assistenzaand also you are sure to receive a continuative and efficient assistance for all packaging machies we can supply to our customers.

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Our care is to give an assistance wherever you want on packaging machines: from pre-sale and post-sale phase.


We are able to help you for choosing the most adaptable machine, accessories and spare parts based on your business requiremets and needs thanks to our experts that work in the packaging sector since years and know very good the machines: so we can supply the useful indications ro resolve all your doubt and to personalize the machines respecting your needs.

Even in cases of prolonged use of packaging machines, you can find our assistance and we can supply you with our spare parts for any malfunction of your machine. It is sufficient to contact our office to obtain an immediate support, also on the phone. Our technician and software staff can operate directly to the customer's factory for fixing the machine.

But our assistance is not only for packaging machines of our production: the supplier will be helped during the fixing of the packaging machines produced form other suppliers to solve problems for any type of machines.


L’ azienda AMGS s.r.l. è una realtà specializzata nel settore della ricambistica di macchine confezionatrici e per l’imballaggio.

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+39 0445-1716037
+39 0445-1716037
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