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Our packaging machines: a customized product for the customer

If you need to create a packaging for your food, electronic products or other  type of products, our company is always be able to offer you the right packaging machinethat meets your requirements.

So that because the customer can find our competence, seriousness and  professionally that have obtained from a long experience for more than 40  years, from the owner and his partners, in the production and  commercialization of packaging machines.

A not underestimated peculiarity of packaging technics with plastic film of our packaging machines, regards the high flexibility because they are adaptable to  various types of products on market that needs a protective packaging. All our packaging machinesare manufactured with resistant and solid materials like  iron and aluminium: so we are always sure to deliver to the customer a reliable  and durable machine of high quality.

Moreover, our company puts the attention to the customer between our  priorities in all purchasing phases of the packaging machine. In our company  the buyer can be sure to find a high level consulting service of the packaging,  perfected to the customer. The buyer is  accompanied to the individualization of a best suitable device for his business needs.

It is not a chance that our company recognized and well-known during these years in our province land but also in the  international net: in all over the world, customers that come from various towns, like Canada, Brazil, Australia, require also  now our suggestions and advices for the buying of packaging machines.




Turning Table

Turning table: an accumulating tank for packed products

The turning table has become necessary in the packaging lines these days and his main function is to accumulate the products that are coming from the packaging line


A personalized package based on the product with the flowpack machines

The flowpack machines are used for packaging many products in horizontal way adaptable to a wide range of different packaging materials. 

Long Dwell

The long dwell for the rotaring sealing

The rotaring cutting head of long dwell type is a machine dedicated ro the rotary cut and seal applied to the packaging machines. The long dwell machine allows high speed packaging and it is particularly used in case of the films that are difficult to seal and where it is necessary to obtain durable seals and with a good hold.


An adaptable bag based on the product with the flowpack machines

The flowpack machines represent on of the most efficiency and versatile machines for the packaging of the products. The article flows horizontally on a belt with pushers and it will be wrapped in a plastic film which is folded with a tube shape. In the lower part of the flowpack machine there are some hot rolls that seal the film in both extremities using heat and some transversal sealig bars close the bag. The result is that the product is perfectlu and hermetically closed and isolated from the air.

Clip Machines

Close hermetically the bags as the clipping machines

The clip machine is a machine dedicated to the closing of the package. The clip machine takes his name from the so-called "clip", in other words a small element composed by two metal wires covered with other material like paper, plastic of different colours.

Twist Machine

To open and close the bags: twist machines

The twist machines allow to bund with a twist an extremity of the bag that must be closed. The twist is a metallic filament bounded with plastic metal for aesthetic functions. It gives its name from its characteristics of twisting around the plastic bag.

Collecting System

The collecting systems get the products that come from horizontal packaging machines. These systems collect the products. At the end the products are transported in a cartoning machine or in a multi-pack machine. Thanks to our partnership with Samwoo Automation we supply customized collecting systems.

Cartoning Machines

The cartoning machines for packing the products in cardboard boxes

We have a big range of cartoning machines used for packing the products already packed in a cardboard carton. The last one will be completely closed with glue.


L’ azienda AMGS s.r.l. è una realtà specializzata nel settore della ricambistica di macchine confezionatrici e per l’imballaggio.

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