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A big range of high quality clipping machines from AMGS

The clipping machines are very used for the closure of packages. They bound the bag containing the product
withclipping machines a clip in one of the two extremities. The clip usually is composed by two metal wires covered with plastic or
completely in alluminium material. It is designed to make its opening simple and functional to allow an easy and practical reuse.

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These machines are especially used on food field to close the products on the plastic bags in like loaves or white bread,
breadsticks, single cakes, croissants, chocolates, candies, etcetera.The so-sealed food will be protected to maintain the integrity
and the fragrance for a long time.

AMGS company manufactures high-quality clipping machines of pneumatic type with the air-compressed functioning. This characteristics makes these machines advantageous from the point of view of energy savings.

The clipping machines by AMGS are realized with solid and strong materials and they are equipped with a support on which can be put the clipband reel. The reel is replaceable and normally it can produce from 2.800 to 6.000 clips and its lenght is between 100 and 600 meters. It is possible also to add to the machine the function of the date printer for printing the date and the production lot number on the clip.

From the various models of clipping machines manufactured by AMGS there are also the automatic clipping machines. They can be combined with horizontal or vertical packaging machines for te clip application.



L’ azienda AMGS s.r.l. è una realtà specializzata nel settore della ricambistica di macchine confezionatrici e per l’imballaggio.

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