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Horizontal flowpack packaging machines

The horizonthal flowpack packaging machines are machinery for packaging of products, which make their
versatility distinguishing mark, as they can be used in a wide range of fields. Their functioning is very easy:
the product to be packed runs on a horizontal pusher infeed conveyor. It will be wrapped with a plastic film.macchine confezionatrici orizzontali flowpack

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The horizontal flowpack packaging machines have, in the lower part, some sealing wheels that have the sealing function of the two lower ends of the film, thank to the heat produced; so the bag will be closed from the longitudinal and transversal sealing jaws. It results in the article that is completely sealed from the air as ermeticaly sealed.

Thanks to the horizontal flowpack packaging machines it is possible to realize different bags, personalised based on the product, whether they are three-dimensional or flat. This is the reason why different wrappings are made in adaptable way also because you can choose some materials for wrapping them.

Another strong point of this machinery is the high-speed action, that can be translated into a reduction of packaging time. Normally the most packed products are food, packed with this equipment: for example the chocolate, the bread and sweets to maintain themselves good for along time.




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