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A piece for all needs with our spare parts for packaging machines

If you need to change a broken parts or a fatigued accessory during the long use of the machine, our company is able to offer you a big range of spare partsto substitute on thepackaging machines.

Our spare parts for packaging machines include:

  • Spare parts for Foodpack machines

  •  Heaters for sealing bars, for hot air, for sealing wheels (both  flat and round).

  •  Thermocouples: these electrical circuits, composed by two types of conductor metals. Their function is to be a sensor for large range of
     temperature available only at competitive cost instead of other accessories that have the same function.

  •  Hostaform plastic and bronze holders and carring plates, necessary for the transport and the push system in the film.

  • Pushers: are suitable for the push of the product to be packed and we can supply with various types of pushers.

  • Spare parts for packaging machines long-dwell type.

  • Knives spare parts for horizonthal packaging machines, blades and anvils that, in steal, make possible the cutting of the plastic film.

  • Hot foils, thermotransfer foils and ink rolls are suitable to print dates and information on the bags.

  • Closing material: clipband and twistband for the clipping machines and the twist machines.

  • Other parts: in particular we can supply toothed and gummed belts, conical gears, perforator pins, sealing wheels, extruded silicon profiles, cooling plates and modified bearings.  

  • Characters for printers: letters and numbers for all printers.

  • Nozzles for depositor machines: all type of nozzles for depositor machines.

  • Brushes and brush holders: these machine electrical components are conductors that transport the power to the electrical components of the machines.

  • Collectors, receive the electrical energy from the brushes.

  •  Streaps for long-dwell: are thin strips in spring steel and covered insulating material, adapt for the transport of the electrical tension to
     the sealing heaters.

  •  Infeed and delivery belts for the transport of the products during the packaging phases. They are always realized in fiberglass with a gummy covering. 



L’ azienda AMGS s.r.l. è una realtà specializzata nel settore della ricambistica di macchine confezionatrici e per l’imballaggio.

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