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Long Dwell

The long dwell for the rotaring sealing

The rotaring cutting head of long dwell type is a machine dedicated ro the rotary cut and seal applied to the packaging machines. The long dwell machine allows high speed packaging and it is particularly used in case of the films that are difficult to seal and where it is necessary to obtain durable seals and with a good hold.

The principal advantage of a long dwell device is that permits to increase the sealing time. This happens thanks to the long contact between the sealing bars to a classic rotaring cutting head and thanks to "D" shape cams that allow a translating movement. The final result is that the seals are more durable and robust. This is a fundamental characteristic that gives the technical name "long dwell".

When the bags are cut by a separator knife, these will be transferred directly on the delivery belt.

Our company is able to supply different types of cutting heads, long dwells over than the traditional kind. The poly version allows the process of polyethylene film, a polymer, today very used in the packaging processes thanks to its adaptable properties, its chemical stability and the low cost. The version with three or more sealing bars allows an increase of speed based on the bars number. At the end the version with rollers through cutting-head, allows to support the product during the sealing action.


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