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A personalized package based on the product with the flowpack machines

The flowpack machines are used for packaging many products in horizontal way adaptable to a wide range of different packaging materials. 

These machines are equipped with a belt with some pushers which moves the product to be completed packed in a plastic film. The packaging system goes on with the perfect sealing of the film with high temperature through the sealing groups, creating the bag.

The result is a product hermetically closed and isolated from the air.

Between the packed products with this machines there are mostly food articles, for example chocolate, bread, sweets that preserve their integrity because they are perishable products.

Our flowpack machines have a simple design to facilitate the clean and their maintenance. They are available in different versions.

Moreover, these machines are manufactured to add other accessories, to comply the customer requirements, for example many printer models,, line shaft for external feeders and photocell for printed film.

Our flowpack machines are manufactured in accordance wth precise criteria that aim to the safe use of machines in working places and comply with the regulation in the European Community.

All our flow-pack machines are studied and designed by Adriano Zaltron.




Packaging machine flowpack type for film width up to 400 mm.

The machine is completely electronic. 
All parts are built for easy maintenance and cleaning.
Safety guards as required by local law.
Safety standard as CEE directives.

The machine is completely 100% made in Italy.



CF400E3 flowpack

We have many different models of flowpack machines based on your needs.





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