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Twist Machine

To open and close the bags: twist machines

The twist machines allow to bund with a twist an extremity of the bag that must be closed. The twist is a metallic filament bounded with plastic metal for aesthetic functions. It gives its name from its characteristics of twisting around the plastic bag.

As for clip, also in this case the advantage of twist machine is that the bag can be closed very easy and open again when ever you want boundling the twist around the plastic bag. It's for this reason that this closing system is used for food products such as bread, cakes that are very consumed more times during the time. The twist has also the aesthetical function: the bags are more presentable for the customer.

Our twist machines are robust and very easy to use. The twist is twist band filament: the metallic filament central diameter is from 0.53 mm to 0.58 mm. The twist is bounded around reels that are able to produce 6 thousand twists ca. The functioning of the twist machine also in this case, as our clipping machines, is all pneumatic and so uses compressed air as energy source.

We can supply two different versions of manual twist machines that are different for the max bound diameter from 30 to 40 mm. The maximum mechanical speed of the machine is 30 cycles per minute.




Hand operated machines with heavy construction and of easy use,Twist
suitable to close bags with twisted lace and easy reclosable bags.

The twistband lace is made of plastic with metal core of
diameter of 0.53 mm or 0.58 mm supplied in reel.

Machine is all with pneumatic operations.












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