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Turning Table

Turning table: an accumulating tank for packed products

The turning table has become necessary in the packaging lines these days and his main function is to accumulate the products that are coming from the packaging line

So, the well-packed products in their bags come out from the packaging machine and arrive on this turning table. This is like an "accumulating tank", waiting that an operator move them away, otherwise in containers and card board boxes.

So we can say that the tuning table makes more easy the packaging and pick up operations because, thanks to the rotating movement, it collects the products on the circular plate increasing, in an evident way, the execution of the all process with a large savings of time and work.

Our turning tables are manufacturred in stainless steel with first quality material and they are durable. Moreover, the plane of the turning table is adjustable as well as the turning speed, suitable from 1,9 to 10 rpm and the plane diameter, available in a range between 1200 and 1400 mm: these characteristics make the machine more suitable and adaptable to different packaging lines for heterogeneous products. Also the turning table diamer is available in different measures and with a plane or conical shape, based on the product type. At the end, an emergency E-stop button makes available the instant stop function of the turning table in chase of necessity and security.


TAV-B1200   TAV-B1400 TAV-P1200GR   TAV-P1400GR
TAV-B1200 1 tavolo rotante tav p1200gr 
TAV-P1200SM   TAV-P1400SM TAV-P1200GP   TAV-P1400GP
tavolo rotante tav p1200sm TAV P1200GP
TAV-B1200P   TAV-B1400P  TAV-PL1200GR   TAV-PL1400GR
tavolo rotante tav b1200p TAV PL1200GR
TAV-S1200   TAV-S1400 TAV-F1200BP   TAV-F1400V.V-G
TAV-B1200 2 TAV F1200BP
TAV-S1200V.V-G   TAV-S1400V.V-G TAV-S1200V.V   TAV-S1400V.V
tavolo rotante tav s1200vv g TAV S1200V.V
 TAV-BC1200   TAV-BC1400
TAV-1200   TAV-1400 
TAV-BC1200 tavolo rotante tav 1200
TAV-C1200GR   TAV-C1400GR  
TAV-B1200 3  


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