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Horizontal flowpack packaging machines

The horizonthal flowpack packaging machines are machinery for packaging of products, which make their
versatility distinguishing mark, as they can be used in a wide range of fields. Their functioning is very easy:
the product to be packed runs on a horizontal pusher infeed conveyor. It will be wrapped with a plastic film.macchine confezionatrici orizzontali flowpack

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The horizontal flowpack packaging machines have, in the lower part, some sealing wheels that have the sealing function of the two lower ends of the film, thank to the heat produced; so the bag will be closed from the longitudinal and transversal sealing jaws. It results in the article that is completely sealed from the air as ermeticaly sealed.

Accessories for packaging machines

Between the accessories for packaging machines, the tray denesters are among the most used and common. They are used for trays in the food 

accessori macchine confezionatrici

industry that can be customized based on customer's needs. They are desiged to be connected to a transport belt. Pratically, the trays are loaded on the machine which unhooks a tray after the other from the bottom, allowing them to be settled on the transport belt.

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Also adjustable and fixed forming boxes can be included among the accessories for packaging machines which can be customized based on your needs. Moreover there are the thermotransfer printers with ink rolls: there are completely non-toxic and very easy to be mounted. They guarantee an immediate printing, readable, without difficulties. It is also worth mentioning the hot foils, suitable for hot foil printers: they have good adhesion and a perfect effective.

The sealing groups for packaging machines

The sealing groups for packaging machines represent a fundamental component for various equipments that are used gruppi saldatura per macchine confezionatricion packaging field
and, in particularfor thelong dwell: this one is an instrument that allows to cut and seal, and it is designedspecifically to promote the high speed
packaing, especially for films that result difficut to seal and for situations that need a
good seal on ends.

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The sealing groups for packaging machines contribute to impove their efficiency, that are based on a sealing jaws and wheels heat system.

Spare parts for FMC packaging machines

The FMC packaging machines allow to work speedy and accurately during the package phase of products, that are well ricambi macchine confezionatrici FMCprotected and can get through safety transport, to reach the storage and/or sale point. It is clear that their functioning must be always perfect, so it must move forward with a regular maintenance to replace the damaged parts that do not guarantee a packing in accordance with best practice. It can take place that some parts break down, so it is necessary to buyspare parts for FMC packaging machines.

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Spare parts for FMC packaging machines include a wide range of parts because of their several functions. In general terms the spare parts must be divided into two
: parts that allows the electrical and mechanical functioning of the machines and parts that are necessary for a perfect packing.

Atmosphere modified packaging machines

The atmosphere modified packaging machines are equipments that have the aim of obtaining a completed macchine confezionatrici atmosfera modificata
packaging, extending the productshelf life and just of this reason are used to food preservation.

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The atmosphere modified packaging machines, in practice, change literally the atmosphere inside the package in which there is the product:
this technological practice aims to promote the control of microbiotical and chemical or enzymatic reactions. Like that, in essence, the principal degradations can be delete or reduced.


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